when Experience matters

At O4SB we have over 30 years of experience designing, developing and implementing business systems.


Over the last 10 years we've seen most things. We start from the premise that most industries and most businesses are the same, until they aren't.  We work with you to find out, those things that make you special and those things that add little value or hold your business back.

In particular we have extensive industry experience in high volume logistics, manufacture to order and retail.  Real experience, lived each day across nearly every function. Admin, finance, sales, marketing, operations and IT.


From a solid understanding we can help you make an informed judgement if Odoo can help you. We have conceived, designed, maintained and migrated close to 300 individual pieces of customisation over the years.  We have probably thrown out more code than most Odoo specialists will ever develop and our development methods are at the very pinnacle of Odoo community standards.

While not every requirement is the same, they do rhyme and we can quickly judge if the effort is worth the outcome.

supporting cast

To successfully run Odoo, ordinarily that will mean a locally hosted or on-premise deployment. This requires databases, mail servers, backup, physical hardware and other details that require years of experience.

Our out of the box, 1 line standard deployment model runs up to 200 users and mean what we do in development is what you get in test and production with no chance of information leakage and able to run on any flavour of Linux.

Additionally it gives us the ongoing monitoring tools to tune and scale as you need. More complex deployments still use the same methods, just requiring bespoke configurations.

Open source

At O4SB we believe strongly in the power of collaboration enabled by open source. When we started, it was most definitely thanks to others we were able to even install Odoo, let alone be successful with it. As a couple, coming from industry we had to learn from the ground up. Printing out pages of source code to work out how things worked.

We've developed almost encyclopaedic knowledge of what has been done, what is being done and what will be done. We leverage this in two ways. We reduce our costs by not reinventing the wheel, and where we can we publish our work, so others do not need to either.

We write great systems, not such great websites.

After 10 years of being too busy and having a site perennially under construction, we've made a bit of progress. In truth, we find it much easier to fix other peoples problems and deliver great systems than write about it. 

We are strong believers in the collaboration allowed by Open Source and much of our work can be found online on Github and Gitlab. We are also strong supporters of the Odoo Community Association where Graeme currently serves as a board member and Rebecca as General Secretary.